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WBNJ is a non-profit radio station. We do not receive any state or federal funding. We are supported by underwriting from area businesses and donations from listeners just like you. Our staff at this time is all volunteer. Each and every member of the WBNJ staff is passionately dedicated to providing you more than just your favorite music. We are here to provide you with a frame of mind, a glimpse into a simpler time, or just put a smile on your face. WBNJ is proud to serve the community at area events and by offering public service announcements at no charge to local non-profit groups and organizations. WBNJ has become a true labor of love. However, this passion alone is often not enough to keep us broadcasting 24/7, 365 days of the year. As we continue to grow now in our 7th year we could use your help. A puddle is comprised of many little rain drops coming together. Your small contribution of any amount can help us continue to provide the same quality of programming you’ve come to love, and will allow us to expand long into the future. WBNJ and our parent company WWN Educational Radio Corp is a 501c3 tax exempt organization and all contributions are tax deductible. Checks of any amount can be mailed to WBNJ PO 446 Waretown, NJ 08758 or by using the donate button below.




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