• General Manager/Program Director | Bill Clanton Jr.

  • Chief Engineer | Bill Clanton Sr.

  • Part Time DJ/Billing Dept. | Natercia Clanton

  • Tripp Rogers

    Tripp Rogers has been part of the Ocean County Radio community since 1988 when he began working at nights at WJRZ. He’s been on the air for over 39 years since his high school internship at Suburban Cablevision TV-3 in North Jersey working with a couple of folks you may recognize, Bob Ley of ESPN and Bruce Beck of NBC4 New York.

  • Part Time DJ/Events | Steven Clanton

  • Staff Member | Mary Clanton

  • PSA Director/Assistant Webmaster | William Clanton III

  • James Donahower

    James Donahower is a full-time performing artist based …

  • Stephanie Rogers host of The Saturday Night Special

    The Saturday Night Special with Stephanie Rogers A mont …

  • DJ Rockin Ray | The Doctor of Doowop

  • Director of Keeping Daddy in Line | Caterina Clanton